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Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab

We have just finished our latest training DVD Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab. It is the fifth DVD we have produced in our Training The Pointing Retriever Series. We are taking orders and shipping now!


Advanced Upland DVD Cover



We are the leaders when it comes to training and training resources for the pointing lab. There is only one professional trainer in the country, Gary Buys, that has produced training DVD's for those that want to learn how to train their pointing labs. Gary has produced the Training The Pointing Retriever DVD Series. There are five DVD's that have been produced so far in the series. This is the only DVD resource for pointing labs available in the country today. Gary also has free training tip articles and videos available on his web sites as well. Check them out.

There is nothing quite like hunting with a well trained polished hunting dog in the field. A dog that knows how to cover ground well, locate birds, is steady on point, to wing, to shot and fall. One that takes a direct line out to the area of the fall quickly when released on their name, locates the bird and delivers it to you at heel and sits waiting for the command to drop the bird. What separates this kind of dog from many of the dogs in the field during hunting seasons around the country? Good training! They have been effectively taught the sequence of tasks to follow during an upland hunt in the field. They have also been setup for success and are confident when they go into the field. They cant wait to get out in the field with you for another opportunity for a successful hunt

Our first four DVD's in the Training The Pointing Retriever series The Puppy Pack, Force Fetch, Marking Basics and Upland Training Foundation, showed you how to build a strong foundation in your dog. We showed you how to teach your dog they way they learn and set them up for success. Success creates confidence and it becomes a very effective teaching cycle if done properly. In the Upland Training Foundation DVD we showed you how to teach your pup all the basic skills necessary to effectively work in the upland field, locate, point,and retrieve a bird to hand. In the Advanced Upland Training DVD we show you the step by step process to teach your dog the advanced skills of steadiness on point, to wing, to shot and to fall. With these tools in place you can also experience what it is like to have a polished confident hunter that it is a joy to be in the field with. One that you can be proud of and look forward to each new hunt you and your dog get to experience together.

Our approach is quite different than many pointing lab trainers. Both in the tools we use and our methods. We have found the best teachers out there today for dog training. They are the dogs themselves! Our mentors have four legs and a tail.

The DVD is broken down into two sections. One is yard work where we show you how to teach the steadiness concepts. The other is the field work where the dog is taken to the field where they are given learning opportunities to apply the concepts we have taught them. We show you a dog's development through the whole process. If your goal is to have a polished hunting partner in the upland field we are confident this training resource Advanced Training For The Pointing Lab will help you achieve that goal.


Here is a couple of clips from the new Advanced Upland DVD.


Yard work training sessions

Field work training sessions