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Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab

What's New: Our new DVD Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab has been released. It consists of two DVD's the Upland Training Foundation DVD and the Advanced Upland Training for the Pointing Lab DVD. You can now order your copy of this excellent training resource from the leading pointing lab trainer in the country Gary Buys.

Complete Upland DVD case




We are committed to offering the best training resources available for the pointing lab. Our latest training DVD we have produced is called Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab. This excellent resource provides all the information you will need to know on how to train a pointing lab for the upland field.

Advanced Upland Training for the Pointing Lab. is now part of a two DVD set called the This is an excellent resource for those that want to continue on into advanced upland training with their dogs. This DVD picks up where our Upland Fundamentals DVD leaves off. It goes into detail on how to teach your dog the skills to be a complete and polished upland hunter. Check out the training DVD page for more information and how you can get a copy of this excellent training video.

We are the leaders when it comes to training and training resources for the pointing lab. There is only one trainer and kennel in the country, Gary Buys that has produced training DVD's for those that want to learn how to train their pointing labs. Gary has produced the Training The Pointing Retriever DVD set, a four DVD set, and recently Advanced Training for the Pointing Lab. There are five DVD's that have been produced so far in the series. We are happy to announce that we now have a complete upland training package. This package will show you the complete training process start to finish from an eight week old pup to a polished finshed dog that is a true joy to spend time with in the field. We also have other training resources available like our free training tip articles and videos available on our web sites as well. Check them


We have Information about many different training resources we have designed to meet the needs for a companion dog, gun dog, hunt test dog or competitive dog. We have developed specific processes for many different levels ranging from basic obedience to having a polished master hunter you can be very proud of in the field. We can help you bypass many of the typical problems and frustrations for you and your dog that can come up while learning how to train your dog.

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