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Pointing Lab Training

Congratulations! You have just found the leading resource for Pointing Lab training, puppies and started dogs in the country. H bar

We are pleased to announce will be releasing our sixth training DVD in the spring of 2014. Only one trainer in the country has produced training DVD's on how to train the Pointing Lab. Gary Buys. Stay tuned for more information!


We have several excellent litters coming up in summer/ fall of 2014. Contact us for more information.

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Who we are.

Lexi Point snow 1

You have found the right place for training Pointing Lab resources. We are professional trainers located in the Rocky Mountain West in Fort Collins Colorado. We have the experience to produce results consistently. Including training dogs at all levels in several hunt test organization including the APLA, AKC and HRC. This includes several 4X Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, Master Hunters and Hunter Retriever Champions. We trained the first 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever to be inducted into the APLA Hall Of Fame in January of 2012. It is our own HRCH 4XGMPR Bar None Snake River Otter MH QAA. Otter has set the standards for all other pointing lab stud dogs in the country to try and meet!



Pointing Lab Specialist

Porter Pointing

We are the pointing lab specialists in the US. We are full time trainers. This is not a hobby or a part time job for us. We are not a corporate training outfit. Pro Trainer Gary Buys does all the training. Training is a process. We have learned our training methods form the best trainers out there. The dogs themselves. Our training is tailored to each individual dog. We encourage owners and handlers to be part of the training process. We go out of our way to help handlers to learn how to communicate with their dogs at their level. This is the critical link that is highly developed in every polished team out in the field today.


Training DVD's to help you successfully train your pointing lab.

AliceWe have lead the way producing the first training DVD's for the pointing lab. Our first release, a four DVD set called Training The Pointing Retriever was released in Jan of 2011. This DVD set has helped hundreds of people successfully train there new pups and dogs. We continue to lead the way producing our latest DVD Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab and the two DVD set Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab. These two DVD's were released in August of 2012. We have produced five DVD's to help you become successful in tour training efforts. These are the only training DVD's that have been produced and that are available today. Directed, produced and edited by one of the top pointing lab trainers in the country Gary Buys. Gary takes you through a step by step process on how to build a strong foundation in your dog. You will see, by demonstration, how to teach all the critical skills in your dog that will allow them to develop and excel in the field. The advanced training DVD's continue on from building a strong foundation to showing you how develope the advanced skills that can produce a polished team between you and your dog in the field. Time in the field with your dog should something you look forward to. A real joy. We can show you how to develop the skills in your dog that can make that a reality. We can also help you become a better handler, trainer and leader of your team. You will see that Gary has a unique approach to training that he shares with the viewers throughout the DVD's. Take a look at the menus at the top of the page for more details on all of the DVD's that we have to offer. These training resources are making a difference for owners and their dogs. We are confident they can make a difference for you and your dog.

We are committed to producing the best training DVD's you can find. We are continuing in the production mode and will cover several other topics. Including training the pointing lab for hunt tests, learning how to communicate like a dog to mention a few. Stay tuned for more information.

Training The Pointing Retriever four DVD set.

DVD case cover 1


Pointing Lab Training DVD series introduction with Gary Buys

Now you have a professional Pointing Lab training reference to use while training your PL. Learn by demonstration step by step, from the pro, how to effectively train your PL.

Gary Buys is a leading pointing lab trainer in the country. He has lead the way in Pointing Lab training and is the the first and only pro trainer to produce Pointing Lab training DVD's and online training videos!

We are the leaders when it comes to providing training resources for the Pointing Lab and offer resources that nobody else does. That includes having us train your dog for you, one on one coaching, five different pointing lab training dvd's and free online training tip videos on our web sites and You Tube.


Latest releases of training DVD's for the Pointing Lab. Advanced Upland Training For The Pointing Lab and Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab.

ADvanced Upland caseCOmplete Upland Case

We continue to lead the way in pointing lab training with our next pointing lab training DVD called Advanced Upland Training for the Pointing Lab. This is an excellent resource for those that want to continue on into advanced upland training with their dogs. This DVD picks up where our Upland Fundamentals DVD leaves off. It goes into detail on how to teach your dog the skills to be a complete and polished upland hunter. Check out the menu bar at the top of the page for more information and how you can get a copy of this and our other excellent training DVD's for the pointing labrador. Including our recent two DVD package Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab!



Other training resources available

pheasant photoWe have Information about many different training resources including professional training by us as well as free training tips here online. We have designed several specific training approaches to meet the needs for a companion dog, gun dog, hunt test dog or competitive dog. Including specific training at several different levels ranging from basic obedience, a complete upland hunter, Grand Master Pointing Retriever, Master Hunter or Hunter Retriever Champion. A dog you can be proud of when you go to the field with them. We can help you bypass many of the typical problems and frustrations for you and your dog that can come up while learning how to train your dog. Take a peak at the Online Training Videos menu above for some of the training tips we have there. We will be updating the site regularly so check back for more free tips on the site.



Three AmigosWe produce pointing pups that are second to none anywhere in the country. Why? Our dogs have exceptional pedigrees and are proven performers and producers. As we mentioned before we are full time professionals and have trained hundreds of dogs. We have our dogs hunting in the fields all over the America including Alaska and Canada.

We want to make it clear on what we are not. We are not a puppy mill. We don't produce seventy five to hundred or more pups each year. Our goal is clear and simple. We consistently strive to produce a better dog! We are realizing the results of highly selective breeding over the past fourteen years. We believe you as an owner of one of our of dogs will realize the payoff for our efforts and hard work as well. Take a look at our puppy page for information about our pups on the ground and the potential breedings we are considering over the next year.


Another excellent PRG litter. Pups being pups!


Started dogs

JacksonConsistent with producing excellent pointing lab pups we also train several hand pick pups from our litters. We are professional trainers and that gives us a huge advantage with our puppies and started dogs. Why? All of our dogs are professionally trained. We have the experience and credentials to consistently produce results! In many cases we have trained several dogs within our dog's pedigrees. One example in our dog Lexi. We have trained four dogs in the first two generations of her pedigree. We have titled all of the dogs at the highest level in the American Pointing Lab Association. Those four dogs are all 4XGMPR's. No other dog in the country has a pedigree like this! There are high level titles on these dog in the AKC and HRC as well. One of these dogs in the pedigree HRCH 4XGMPR, Bar None' Snake River Otter MH QAA is also the first 4X GMPR to be inducted into the APLA Hall of Fame. We always keep a pup or two from all of our breedings to train. Why to know first hand what kind of dogs we are producing. This can a be a real benefit for us and anyone that is interested in what we have to offer. We can speak from experience! Take a look at our Started Dog page for more information on the dogs we currently have available and the dogs we are currently training.


Pointing lab Calendar

Gary Buys, photographer and artist has put together a pointing lab calendar with professional quality images. Some of the top dogs in the country including 4xGMPR's and His Hall Of Fame dog Otter. Big dogs showing their stuff with style. This is not the cheap calendars you will find at China-mart and places like that. Many of America's finest PL's in action and made in the USA!

2014 Pointing Lab Calendar



Stay tuned as we continue to build and update the site.


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